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Key Processes

Design Development

Development of preliminary concept plans to fix and describe the size and character of the project, including the selection of materials and other elements that may be appropriate.


Prepare detailed working drawings and/or specifications setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of a project.

Project Estimating

Prepare material take-offs (quantities) and itemized cost estimate as well as project implementation options for site improvements.


Are you a traditionalist?

If you are a devotee of the iconic English lawn with its highly-manicured look, then your KuzeyAuto landscape architect should not be suggesting a prairie-grass lawn for your home—no matter how much of a disciple he or she might be to its wild-and-wooly look.

Are you ecology-minded?

If you value and practice “earth-friendly” living, then your KuzeyAuto landscape architect should show you “water-wise” designs that incorporate native grasses, indigenous plantings, and even rainwater collection.

Are you a foodie?

A major trend today is “edible landscapes,” which feature more edible or otherwise productive plantings alongside traditional or exotic ornamentals. A good example is Aronia or “chokeberry” bushes.

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Our Backyard Favorites



Among many other lovely characteristics, these blue blooms are the Alaskan state flower.



Freesia are known as one of the most fragrant flowers and are commonly used in beauty products, like lotions and shampoos.



A gardener's favorite, these flowers are known as a backyard staple.

Heroes Behind the Company

We are experienced designers committed to delivering design outcomes based on sound advice and comprehensive design service with knowledge established over nearly two decades.


Kate Woodward

Senior Landscape Designer

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